Once Upon a Time...
Dan Hare planned to work a few years as an engineer, build up a savings, then open a vintage toy store when he retired. He graduated with a degree in engineering and began to put that plan into action. For a time it seemed his future plans were secure, until the day came when he was laid-off. It was then he decided to put his family's future in his own hands.

He opened the antique toy and collectibles store "The Toys Time Forgot".

The Toys Time Forgot began in 1991 as a 500 square foot storefront offering vintage toys and non-sport trading cards. At 4300 square feet today, the store has grown to be one of the largest vintage toy stores in the Northeast United States. In addition to vintage toys and non-sport cards, The Toys Time Forgot offers comics, newer collectible toys such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, one of the largest Star Wars collections in Ohio, new Marvel, DC, and McFarlane action figures, TV memorabilia and gaming cards.

But don't think that The Toys Time Forgot is just another comic book shop. True vintage toys and collectibles still dominate the shelf space. We have tin wind-ups, battery ops, board games, figures and dolls from the 1930's through the 1970's, and now into the 80's.

Time was, Dan traveled to yard sales, auctions and flea markets to find the lost treasures that are now on sale in the store. Today, people bring collections from all over to his front door every day of the week. This draws customers from around the world to Canal Fulton, Ohio, a small town near Akron, Canton, and Cleveland in Northeast Ohio, where they find truly original, vintage and antique toys.
The Toys Time Forgot is located in Canal Fulton's newly renovated historic post office building. The floor space is dedicated to the greatest variety of classic toys, comic books, action figures, statues, trading and gaming cards you are likely to find under one roof.

A note from Dan Hare,
owner of The Toys Time Forgot:
"The variety and sheer number of toys I have is impressive. However, my success comes from quality customer service. As much as that sounds like a cliché, it is true. Customers come back to our store because we treat people with genuine respect. As a buyer I am fair, and as a seller I am honest. But most of all I make collecting antique toys fun!"
Dan Hare, Proprietor